Our Products

H.R. Curry provides an amazing precast product called Curry Armour, which is a combination of high temperature ceramic materials and up to 45% stainless steel reinforcing fibers. This product is a high temperature refractory with significantly improved resistance to mechanical abuse when compared to traditional precast castable shapes. It is very effective when used as a replacement for metal parts that are compromised by process heat.

We are constantly striving to enhance our manufacturing techniques, procedures, and raw materials to provide our customer with the most advanced and superior quality refractory products available.

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Tailored for your Needs

  • Customized metal work
  • Slag line enhancements
  • Ported or Plug Design
  • Material Zoning
  • Specialized Castables
  • Argon
  • Desulfurization
Pour off Boxes

Curry Armour

High Wire Shapes

  • Ladle Lip Rings
  • Runner Pads
  • Heat Shields
  • Lintels, Jambs, Runner
    tile for Reheat Furnaces
  • Skim Tools
  • Ladle Spouts
  • EAF Rabbles
  • Bumper Blocks
Customized Threads (metalwork)

Other Products

  • Steel Pour Off Boxes
  • Ladle Bottoms
  • Ladle Covers
  • Ladle Pre-heaters
  • Runner Tile
  • Boiler Door Block
  • Condenser plugs
  • Burner Blocks
  • Furnace Walls & Floors
  • Deltas
  • Tundish Linings
  • Tundish Covers
  • Tundish Furniture
  • Custom Designs
Curry Armour Ladle Lip Rings